Another role as a condition not to use a role in a specific table

I am trying to block using a role in one specific table. The user has to roles A and B which both grant them access to several different tables in the application with the different kind of accesses.

In one specific table 123 I want to NOT use the role A because in table 123 the role A limits which records are shown to the user (created by them, assigned to them etc.) but in order to fully use the role B, they need to see all records.

In the Role settings for role A, under Tables permissions, I am using the “Condition for using a role (Role is applied, if filled, only when specified condition (Javascript expression) returns )” for table 123.

I have tried different conditions like:
!doo.currentUser.<[Roles (list of roles) (roles)]>.includes(‘Role B’)
doo.currentUser.<[Roles (list of roles) (roles)]>.includes(‘Role B’) === false;
doo.currentUser.<[Roles (list of roles) (roles)]>.indexOf(‘Role B’) === -1;

and so on.

Help and ideas would be much appreciated!