Audit of Long Text fields

Hi there.

I have a few Long Text fields in my table and wish to have an Audit of the changes in this field.
In the Audit module I can see that the field is modified, but in the Old value and New value fields I only see a small portion of the field contents. There is a Number at the end of the field, don’t know what that means. How can I see the change in a Long Text field?

PS. the text in the long text field is longer than displayed in the screenshot.

Currently it is not possible to see the full difference. (The number is the size.)
There are some fields types, where we don’t store the full value. The text in long text can be pretty long.
We will discuss here, what we can do to improve the behavior.


thanks for your answer. Such a feature would be very much appreciated! I hope it gets on your roadmap (which is probably very long :slight_smile:)