Date from row notifications


Notifications that are created based on a date from row with a condition, do not seem to be cancelled after the record has been changed and the condition is no longer met. For example, if I create reminders 1 day, 7 days and 30 days after ‘end date’ if the status status = ‘pending’, the 7 days and 30 days reminders are sent even if the status is changed from ‘pending’ to ‘submitted’.

Would it be possible to change this so that notifications are cancelled / changed if the condition is no longer met? Or at least that the notifications are cancelled if the record is deleted?

Currently it seems that the only way to affect these scheduled notifications is either disabling or deleting the notification.

Hi Martti,
Sorry for the late answer. I have reported that as a bug.

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I see from the change log that the notifications are now cancelled when the record is deleted. What about if the condition for the notification is no longer valid?

Hi Martti,

If the condition for the notification is no longer valid, the notification will not be sent. It is because we delete all instructions for sending the notification and regenerate it according to the current valid data.



Hi Michaela,

I have done some testing with the scheduled reporting with conditions today. It seems that the notifications are not cancelled even if the condition is no longer met (record changed).

I have set up three different scheduled notifications. All have the same condition: status should be ‘Pending’.

If the record is created with another status, the notifications are not sent. If the record is changed and the status is ‘Pending’ after the change, the notifications are sent. If the report is created with ‘Pending’ status, the notifications are sent (even if the status is changed to something else before the scheduled time).

Could you please advise?


Dear Martti,

Thank you for letting us know about this issue. We are trying to identify the problem right now. I will definitely let you know, when we will know more information.