Making browsing through records easier

When working in the table, we like to walk through the records, review them, make adjustments, change statusses, etc. Walking through a todo list or bugs list.

Doing this, I have to open a record, make edits, press Save (or cancel when I have no edits) and proceed to the next record. DoubleClick it to open, etc…
I thing the functionality doing this could be a little more user-friendly.
Some suggestions:

  1. For very quick editing, inline editing in de table is very handy. I think this is on the roadmap already.
  2. When editing/viewing in the form view, two simple arrows (up/down) to navigate to the previous/next record would help a lot. When no edits are made you can jump to the next record very fast. The do you wish to save message can be used when edits are made.
  3. Alternatively, just have additional to the SAVE button, a “SAVE and NEXT” button to save and proceed to the next record in one click.

Just my thoughts…


Thank you for your inputs. Inline edit is nearly done - we do some tests now.
We will discuss your other suggestions here as well.
Best Regards