Send a PDF report with workflow automation, receive it as DAT!?

I send a PDF report as an attachment using workflow automation, but when I receive the file with MS Outlook it comes with the extension DAT instead of PDF. By changing the extension from DAT to PDF to the received file, the file opens and is correct. Am I doing samething wrong?
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This is a screen shot of the MS otlook messages that I received.

Dear Paolo,

It is a bug and our developers are already working on it.

Thank you for letting us know!


Ciao Paolo, per risolvere questo problema, è sufficiente che nel Workflow, nel trigger “OUTPUT FILE” inserisci oltre al nome anche estensione PDF. Esempio, se il nome che vuoi assegnare è “invio reclamo a fornitore”, inserisci in questo il nome in questo modo “invio reclamo a fornitore.pdf”, vedrai che funzionerà. L’opzioni la trovi nella figura qui sotto.
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Hi Paolo, to solve this problem, it is sufficient that in the Workflow, in the “OUTPUT FILE” trigger, insert the PDF extension in addition to the name. Example, if the name you want to assign is “send complaint to supplier”, enter in this the name like this “send complaint to supplier.pdf”, you will see that it will work. The options can be found in the figure below.

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Fammi sapere, saluti.

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Many thank, it works.

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