A bar chart with more (112 items) on x-axis

A Bug - I create a horizontal bar chart with 112 items. But only some items are displayd on x-axes because of size of canvas. The problem is that sliding bars are not used.


Thank you for the insight, we tried it on 2500 records for ourselves, of course you can’t see 2500 dates on the x-axis and the total number of records displayed was about 1/5, could you tell me how you created the bar chart? if you manually added item by item (121) to the y-axis or if you wanted to display the records from the table (121) and not all of them were entered, thank you for adding.

With Regards Filip

Filip, thank you for your answer. The bar chart was created from the table. And Mr. Morkus and Pinďák agreed sliding bars should be used to scroll data.

With Regards