Add new values for Multi Choice directly inside a form

As in topic. Now the list of values for multi choice is only editable when editing table field. It would be better if you could add some values directly from a form. For example I have a predefined list of values but in the moment of filling a form I want to put one new value inside the list. To achieve that I need to leave my form and edit the table field. If I had a chance to extend the list of values inside a form it would speed up my process of filling the form.

Tell me what do you think about this?


Thank you for the interesting suggestion. We have consulted it in the team and we are definitely planning for the future the possibility to edit the data types right inside the form. However, right now it is not for us a priority.

Thank you for your understanding and for the good point! We appreciate each suggestion for the improvement of our application :slight_smile:

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