API: get many to many data

I’m using the Tabidoo API to get some informations. This table has got a many to many relations and the main table request returns the field with a { count: …, url: … } structure. If I do a query with this url I think I will get the information but it throws a 429 ( Too Many Requests). So I cant get all that information.

Is there a way to get this data in one query? maybe I forgot some params in the main query.


Hi, @aitorerana,
Tabidoo API sends detailed information only for relations many to one and one to one. You have to load data for many to many relations by using URL from the structure you mentioned.
Tabidoo API is protected by rate limits (according to your pricing plan). If a request exceeds the limit, Tabidoo will return the 429 error.
I think you call API in the loop. You can slow down the loop by adding a delay mechanism (I do not know, what programming language you use - e.g. setTimeout for JS). Or you can get the data from the binding table in one request and try to filter the data on the client-side.


Hi @jan.pindak,
Thank you for answering to quickly. I’ve fixed that issue other way.
I’d to get two lists the first one actually was a many to one relation, so I’ve changed the relation type in the API request. And the second one was a relation with another table but I wanted to get a string array, so if you define in Tabiddo table you want to show the relation like a list of names (in my case) instead of the count of elements, the API returns the count of elements and the names array (I think it’s because this configuration).
Thank you.