Are nested tables a thing?

First off I want to start with thanking you for even creating Tabidoo, it seems like a really powerful tool that we plan to use in our company, But I am currently struggling with important invoicing table linking.
I have 5 tables in a tree diagram from which I want certain data to be called in invoicing table and then report creation

For example- I have linked certain values from Billable actions to Device being prepared and I see them here, but when I want to link device being prepared to invoicing, it doesnt let me choose values from billable actions/spare parts

Basically I am asking, is there a feature that somewhat simulates nested tables?


I think you can accomplish that. Again, I don’t get the full story here. Please share more details. If you can share the private template of the app, please add the there.

I would then post the result here, so it is available also for others.

Pavel Pančocha
Tabidoo Partner

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