Color selection MultiChoice field

With the introduction of the new version of Tabidoo, the number of colors that can be chosen with the MultiChoice, Stickers is limited to 8 colors. There were many more in the previous version and they were used frequently.

Why this limitation, and can it be expanded again? (I already found the previous number of colors limited)

Thanks !


Hi Peter,

with the new design, we have also prepared a new basic color palette. We understand that it can be limiting in some cases, but it also allows us to work better with the palettes and opens up other possibilities for the future - color themes (dark mode, etc.)

But we have good news :wink: - we have a solution ready - the user will be able to define their own color. This feature will be released soon in the next versions of Tabidoo.

Thanks a lot for your feedback.

Tabidoo team