Conditional delete validation

Can I somehow dynamically validate, if the user is entitled to delete a given record?

Simplest example: You have the field “delete-able”: true/false

If it is set to false, the user cannot delete the given field. I found possibilities for the whole table, but I would like to do it on a “per record” base.

If you combine roles in tabidoo, where one role has the right to delete and the other does not - so you assign the one that does not have the right to delete using the fulfillment of the condition (you can set it in the visual role environment or in the extended part using javascript).

@Petr Sorry, I didn’t get you with the “extended part” - can you give me a specific example? Thanks!

You can define an user deny to delete in roles → table permissions per each table. There is a possibility to assign the role based on conditions


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Thanks, that looks like it could work for my example!

@Petr Unfortunately this doesnt work on per row basis, at lease from display perspective. If there is any record, that should have no delete permission, there is not any “delete” button