Copy data when adding a new record via linked table

Hello all,
I have a table “deals” and a table “contacts”. Deals table contains field “contact” linked to the “contacts” table.
When I open a record in the contacts table and I see the list of deals (deals:contacts is many:one) and I want do add a new deal from there (via the standard “+” button), is there a way to copy data from some of the fields of the contacts record to the fields in the new deal record ?
I know how to do it with a script if I have a button created with workflow automation. But in this particular scenario ?


try to use script parentModel over table ‘deals’. Link to documentation doo.model.modelMetadata - Tabidoo Help Center and an example of use if (doo.model.modelMetadata.parentModel) {
if (doo.model.modelMetadata.parentModel.modelMetadata.currentForm.tableInternalName === ‘kalkulace’ || doo.model.modelMetadata.parentModel.modelMetadata.currentForm.tableInternalName === ‘faktury’) {
doo.model.dispatched.isVisible = false;
doo.model.dispatchedLater.isVisible = false;
} else if (doo.model.modelMetadata.parentModel.modelMetadata.currentForm.tableInternalName === ‘orders’ && doo.model.ver === -1) {
doo.model.dispatched.isVisible = true;
doo.model.dispatchedLater.isVisible = true;

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