Custom button with different templates


I have table with list of orders with customers from different countries
I want to make a custom button (via workflow automation) that sends an email as reminder in customer language:
For a czech customer, email in czech language
For english customer, email in english
etc etc

I can t find easy solution how to make it in the workflow automation

Any help appreciated

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in WF you can use the script doo.textProvider.languageCode which will help you to distinguish Czech/English customers and therefore the language of the email content.


Thank you for answer.
If I understood well, it means that the action “send email” is not convenient for this case and instead of this I have to make a script where I somehow (I don t know how yet) I use the function doo.textProvider.languageCode and in same script I also write code to send email to the customer right?
In the script I will use function IF THEN to establish multiple scenarios according to customer language


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