Default App level DateTime format in Report Designer


Is there any way, how to setup DateTime format in Report Designer,
so that it corresponds to what localization was chosen by user (or set up on global App level).

In other words: Why Report Designer don’t use Application level DateTime Formats?

If not, is there at least a way how to add some DateTime format string into Report Designer?
( Because only DD MM YYYY which we have is with slashes in between, which is not the best for Czech people… see screenshots )


The culture settings for report can be found in the report designer / properties (Report) / Globalization

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When I click on properties in the bottom left corner under left pane, I see only options:

  • Cell
  • Text
  • Text additional
  • Appearance
  • Behavior
  • Design
  • Export

but no Globalization

I’m on tab Home like you, but is seems that properties have different options.

Is it possible, that on custom solution on own domain, the Print Reports were not updated or something?
Or the options are based on what type of table/dataRibbon/… is managed in a body of document?


Hi Tomas,
The selected object in your properties tab is Table2… The Globalizaton is available on the Report object only.
(select that from the dropdown under Properties label please)