Disable EXCEL export via USER/ROLE

How can I disable EXCEL export via USER / ROLE?
I don’t see an option available in schema level extension.
Many thanks for the reply

This is not included in roles, because when user can see data, it is not possible to disable putting them into excel or any other place. They can do it by clipboard or other ways anyway.
We want user to be able to define, which buttons are visible in over a table. This is in our roadmap for next versions. However even then it wont be connected to roles. The setting will apply to everyone.
Can you be more specific, please? What is the main reason to disable excel export?
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Hi Michal,
Thanks for the reply. In general, the administrator must be able to authorize or not any object in the application to specific users, as is the case with the “ADD”, “MODIFY”, “DELETE” options and buttons. Users, defined in their roles, must only be able to see what the administrator wants to show. It is true that by creating a view of the schema the user authorized to read can see the data, but to do so he must write them one at a time, while the extrapolation using Excel allows to extrapolate the whole table. It may contain sensitive data, but also confidential information that can be reused or resold. In the application design logic, the administrator who carries out the project must freely decide which views should be for each user or leave the user free to organize their views. I hope I was able to explain.
Thank you very much.