Does the value of linked schema change

Does the value of linked schema change if I change something in the schema?

I created some isVisible/isRequired fields in the advanced settings for a schema that has several linked schemas. After I made changes to these linked schemas (changed and added items) the schema with isVisible/isRequired started displaying errors.

If they the value changes, any workaround for this?


Hi Martti,
We have no update for javascript in case you remove items or you rename internal name. When you change just a header, it should be no problem.
You need to revise the script by yourself. You probably use in the script a field, which does not exists anymore.
Michal Cumpelik
PS: Anytime you are not able to find the solution, you can contact me of course.

Thanks Michal! Not sure what the problem was before, but now this seems to be working.