Don't create if empty


We have a workflow automation where we have “Don’t create if empty” selected for report which is followed by an email sending with the report attached (Attachments has the report file tick box selected).

If no data is available for the report, there is an empty report attached to the email.

Are we using this functionality incorrectly or understanding it incorrectly? Would it be possible to not attach the report if there is no data in the data source? There is a workaround to add an additional step and check the data source if it’s table, but it would be more convenient if the “Don’t create” would just not create the report.


Could I ask you which trigger you use? In case of a record change it works correctly, an email with a report is sent, but at the time WF has no data, you would have to add another condition or make the report on the current data (using a script, if possible). Hopefully this will help you. Filip Tabidoo

At scheduled time trigger. Not sure I understand your explanation. What condition would solve this?