Filter dropdown data

I have 3 tables:

  • clients - with link to
  • helpers
  • client_visits - with link to

To a client a helper is assigned to, you can enter as helper visit information per client .
So, if a helper enter data in client_visits, via a dropdown he can select the proper client. At the moment this dropdown shows all clients, but it should only show (selectable) clients he is assigned to. Can I add a filter (or via scripting) to this dropdown what reads the helpder user.login ( in order to filter only those clients he is assigned to?


I have done similar for countries by creating roles. The users are assigned for country roles for the countries that they represent. The country role (for example ‘Finland’) has read access which is filtered to ‘Finland’ in the table called ‘Country’. The ‘Country’ table is linked to other tables and the user with ‘Finland’ role can only choose Finland out of all the countries listed in the ‘Country’.

check our help page

filterForDropdown property.
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