Forbid users from using multi-edit on given table


Is there a way to disable “multi-edit” for a table? As there cannot be validation scripts (only the one connected in WAS) and I cannot prevent the user from changing the values here, sometimes they change something they should not :slight_smile:.

I would like not to allow them to use that, but I see only possibilities to constrain the export/import or copying. I see that from internal tables the “snapshots” have this “multi-edit” feature turned off. Can I do that for my table?

@Filip do you have any proposal?


At the moment you can disable ‘multi-edit’ for a table using a role. Where you disable data import at the table level. This will prevent you from displaying ‘multi-edit’ .The fact that this option is not visible in “Snapshots” is because it is a Tabidoo extension.

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