Getting data from a many-to-many linked table

I have a table “customer” and a table “technicians” with a many-to-many relationship between them.
The reason is technicians are from the company od the Tabidoo application owner and are linked to his customers. He has assinged 1 or more technicians per his customers.
Then I have a “events” table that contain event planned/realized for a customer. So event are linked to cusomers one-to-many (many events per company).
Now I need to filter the “events” table view by the technicians, as they want to see only the events relevant to them.
As I cannot add any field directly, I tried adding a hidden text field in the “customer” table, that populates ith with the names of the technicians - which I can show a in the linked “events” table. The problem is that the object I am getting the data from, does not have any relevant data in the .value part (chcecking in the browser console). Just the length of the array. But it does have the .originalValue with all the names. If I use javascript to populate my filed from here, ny change in the technician field needs two saves to correctly write the data.

Is there any way to solve this ?

So I managed to do it via a claculated field. I tried before and it did not work, so I turned to scripting. In retrospect, I HAD to made a mistake somewhere, because the calculated fileld works as expected :smiley: