Highlighting terms in text field


I would like to highlight certain terms in the short and long text fields. Ideally the keywords that are highlighted would not be hardcoded to the script but for example a comparison of a list of keywords in parameter table. Is this possible to add with a script?


Hello Martti,

Unfortunately, nothing like this is possible in Tabidoo.
Anyway, thank you for the message and for your understanding.

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Okay, thank you for the information!

Hi @marttiah !

I have a solution for your problems. I will explain it and then you should check or test if it’s what you need.

Tabidoo doesn’t allow to higlight anything when you are visualizing the table list. For example if you create a long text field on a table, write some lorem ipsun paragraph and define some bold, underlined or colored words (preferable the first words becaude the string will be truncated) by hand, in the table view you will see the beginning of the sentence and with any styel.

Thouse are the steps I suggest:

  1. Create a “tags” field in the table where the long text is placed linked to the “parameters” table with ManyToMany relation. In the “advanced features” section disable “Show in edit form” because this field shouldn’t be editable by hand.
  2. Go to database settings (in the top menu bar, close the database name there is a settings icon and then “Edit application”) and enable the “Workflow Automation” inside “App Extensions” section. This will create a new table “Workflow Automation” and there you can configure some jobs to do them automatically when an action occurred.
  3. Create new element on that table where the log text is placed, choose a trigger (in your case “When record changed”), choose the table and choose the action “Run script”. With this configuration a script is going to run every time you create/edit or delete a record.
  4. Write a script to check every long text field and make a relation with the parameter only if the word exist in your parametesr table (this step maybe is the hardest).
  5. Finally you should do the same but the action tabe should be the parameters one (because I think that if you change the parameter you would like also to change the tags).

In some step I describe it very simply and fast, but if you have some question ask me and I will explain it better and more details. And if you need some help creating the script I can also help you.

Hope I helped you.