How to check if specific field was changed during edition


I would like to check whether a field was changed during edition.

For example I have a dropdown field. I want to send a notification only when the data in this field was changed. There is a value named “currentlyChanged” but it seems to be not working (it’s always false).

Please let me know if there a way to achieve that.
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EDIT: I found a way to do this. There is a parameter called “originalValue”. I found that it contains the previous value of the field. So I can check if the current “value” is equal to “originalValue” and if not I know that the value was changed.

It’s a little bit odd that the parameter with previous value is called “originalValue”, because there is another parameter called literally “previousValue” that always contains the current value. Maybe it’s some kind of a bug? Or maybe that’s the cause why parameter “currentlyChanged” is always “false”?


all the necessary information regarding your query can be found HERE.

Yes, you are right, we don’t have previousValue, but it will be added soon.
Thank you for understanding.

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Ok, I see now that originalValue is set at the opening of the edit form. That’s why it works perfectly :slight_smile: Don’t change that!