How to create roles

How to set up user roles so that users can edit (add and delete) only their own records. At the same time, these roles will allow the users to see the records of other users, which they are unable to edit.
Also, how can we not allow users to see specific records but only input it.

I have many more questions and I can’t find any resources online to help me. Please help :wink:

Hello Imti,

The application needs to be extended with the Users and Roles functions.
How to set up roles can be found HERE.

Settings for your case:
If users are assigned to the records using Link to table, we need to modify the table settings:

  • Go to the Table fields, select Add field, select Calculated field as the field type and enter your field with login in the Formula editor (mine is Responsible person(Login)). Enter a name of this new field (mine is CalcLogin) and select Save.

Then you need to create two roles:

  1. role: Read
  • Go to the Role table, sellect +Add, enter the Role Name (Read) and select DefinitionsApplication permissions, change Access to read and select Save.

2. Current User

  • Go to the Role table, sellect +Add, enter the Role Name (Current User) and select DefinitionsTable permissions, select Table and change Acess to write, scroll down the page and enter Javascript:
doo.model.<[CalcLogin (calcLogin)]>.value === doo.currentUser.<[Login (login)]>

Select a users and assign them both roles.

With kind regards,