How to get rid of picture in the form?


I want to set a filesize limit for uploaded photo and I don’t know how remove the uploaded photo if it’s bigger than max size?


Hey Marcin,
unfortunately at this moment, there is no way, how to limit the size of the picture/attachment. Neither you can not check it using scripting.
We consider this for the future, but I can not promise any ETA.
Would you describe in detail, what is your motivation for this, so we can consider reprioritizing the topic.

I manage to set this up in scripting by checking filesize of uploaded photo (it’s inside field value) and show a warning if the photo is oversize and also set the form to be not validate. One thing that’s left to do is to get rid of the small miniature of uploaded photo which resists and I need to delete it manually by clicking an “x” button near the uploaded photo. Is there a way to remove it somehow by scripting?