How to insert chat updates into email notifications

Hi, there
I am trying to use workflow automation to send email notification about changes in record (Trigger Record changed).
I am also trying to send nice email body with the description of changes in record. For “standard” input fields such as text, number etc, it is easy and I can use Fields button to enter actual value of field. But with some fields, for example chat - I am struggling to insert only appended text.

Any idea?
thanks a lot

Hello Jason,

thank you for the question.
As the Field type chat is an object, it has its properties and the latest message is saved in one of those properties. You can access it using the dot notation:

You can still use the Fields button, you then just append the .jsonData.actual.text to the value, still in the curly braces. So you should end up with something like this: ${doo.model[“chat”].value?.jsonData.actual.text}

I hope it helps.


You are brilliant, Anna. thanks for fast answer.

No problem.
There is one more things that is good to keep in mind. If you have enabled the ‘Real time chat’ property of the chat field, the current text will be saved in the property jsonData.actual.text only until you Submit the message. After the form is saved, the text value of the current message will be null.
Then you would have to access the last written message in the propery jsonData.previous[i].text.
You can use following script:[].text

Now you will not be surprised by an empty value if you use the Real time chat!

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