Is it possible to make tabs in a form? (to organize data-entry of a record)

I have huge records with a lot of variables. I would like to organize them in tabs, instead of one big form (long scrolling, difficult to find the variable).

Is this possible in some way?

Hi what do you mean by many variables ? Do you mean that you have inside the table numerous records with numerous fields inside ? if so you have to design your table by downloading it in “XLS” format which you will call table for example “A”, there you can create many .xls files for each tab you want to make which for example will be called “B”, “C”, etc…, where each must keep the key ID of the main file “A”. At this point you can delete from “A” all the fields you created in the other tabs. Now you have to import all the tables into tabidoo,remembering that “A” is the main one, on which once imported you will have to enter and configure new fields “LINKED FIELDS” that will each refer to the new table “B”, “C” that you created. At this point you will be able to set besides the key, which fields to display in the main “A” and the type of relationship they have “1:1”, “1:all”, etc… In this way you will have created a new lighter and more flexible table and many other tables with records linked to the main one. I hope I managed to explain myself.

Sorry I said variables, they are called fields in tabidoo. Variables=Fields.

No I dont want multiple (linked) tables. I already have too many (linked) tables. Some of these 30+ tables have like 100+ fields, and 100+ fields is too much for the user inside 1 form. The user just gets lost and cannot fiend the field. So I like to categorize the 100+ fields (of 1 table) into tabs in the same form of the same table. (It will be disorganized to split all those tabs into seperate tables and link them all, as I already have 30+ tables, it will be even more user-unfriendly to keep track of so many more linked tables).

Is it possible to make a custom form, which has tabs? To organize 100+ fields in a table better?