Manipulate field order in Form view

Some questions about the Edit Form view:

I like to have control over the order of Categories (Tabs) and the order of fields within a Categorie (Tab) on the Edit Form view. Is that possible?



Hi Peter,
This development of this functionality is in progress. :wink:
Currently, the order of items is the same for table (grid) and form. So if you move fields in definition, they will move on form as well.

Ok thanks.

The order of the categories (tabs) in the form is harder to manipulate. The order of the tabs change without me knowing why. When editing in the definition, sometimes the tabs change order. And I don’t know how to rearrange them again… Any ideas or just bad luck :slight_smile:

I am afraid that the categories are sorted by fields as well.
(as the category is found on a field, it is pushed into a list of categories)
I guess

Is possible to align fields to next row?

When I use JS like .isVisible - so I need to align fields which are visible to next row - because when some fields are not visible and then I make condition to make them visible then the others are really messed up.


to update, you can adjust all field sizes and layouts through the form designer.

Thank you for reading.

With kind regards,