Matematical functions in api

Is there any way to use mathematical functions (e.g. sum) in API calls?

My intention:

  • I have a table of product movements in a warehouse
  • in the diff column I store the change of movement
  • I would like to get the final number of products on a given warehouse using the sum function on the diff column

Maybe I’m looking wrong, but I don’t see this option in the documentation and I find it unfortunate to download all the records and then do a sum over them.

Forgive me maybe I didn’t quite understand the question, in the obtained column of the table You can get the sum of the values of the column “Diff” at the end of the table list by activating the summation. If on the other hand you want to generate from script the summation of the values and then put it in a variable and use it in your application, it is a bit more complex, but we can get it. Let me know. Thanks


Aggregation over a table via API call Tabidoo can not, but it can be solved by using a counted field where you record all changes and the counted field will be constantly recalculated, but we are considering aggregation via API call. I hope I have given you some advice. Filip Tabidoo