Maximums of Counts

Hey guys, I am trying to calculate the number of client registrations per day and then to see the maximums of this. Something like MAX from (Count() from registrations group by DAY).

I would like to show this number in Tabidoo Dashboard.

How would you do this in Tabidoo? I have created DataSource above Registration Table, grouped per Day - So I have Day, Counts.

But I can’t use datasource in widget - can I?
Or - it is not possible to create DataSet over DataSet - is it?
Or maybe - the best way is to use javascript and create normal table and calculate (insert) the Date counts?

thanks for help/example.

  • using javascript and iterate through all registartions?

Hello Joseph,

the easiest solution for you are widgets according to the attached screenshot:

Another solution would be to write JS with getCount method and project it into the Metrics widget.
JS is more complicated, if you need our assistance to create it, it would be a paid task.
You can contact us by e-mail

I hope this was useful to you.

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Hi Sona, thanks for answer
unfortunately this is not the case. What I want to see is Maximum count of registration per day.
I can show number of registrations per day exactly as you illustrated, but I need to do aggregation (MAX) over the aggregation (COUNT). And I don’t see an option for this in Tabidoo. It would be nice if I can create DataSource from DataSource and if I can set widget to show the data from Data Source and not only from Table.

Hello Joseph,

You cannot set a maximum number of registrations per day for a certain period of time. Unfortunately, this feature is extra and you have to create JS for this case, as I already wrote to you.

Chart, Pie chart and Summary panel widgets allow to select Data source for data source.

if you still haven’t received the right answer to your question, it would be better if you add me the application and send me more information to

Thank you.

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