Nag-screen to upgrade

Hi there,

for now I am on the free plan of Tabidoo exploring all options and starting to use it in a small group of testers.
The fact I am on a free plan is nowhere visible, except when using the button “show audit history for selected record”. Then a big nag screen is presented suggesting to upgrade.
I don’t want to show this to my users, it looks very unprofessional.

I don’t know why this is presented just at this button, but it would help a lot when this could be removed. Your licensing model is clear, alle features in all pricing-plans, which is great! No need to display upgrade notifications.

Thanks a lot!

On that screen we need to alert users, what is the reason they do not see the full history.
I believe that it is not unprofessional to show in the Free version, that this is the Free version.
Best Regards

Hi Michal,

sorry maybe I wash a little bit unfair. To my opinion the first sentence was enough, my users / clients of the table shouldn’t be bothered by an upgrade button. Leaves me with a question: if a client uses the Upgrade button and pay for an upgrade, where does the upgrade apply to?
The App, all apps of the owner? No apps of the owner but only the apps of the client (if he has any)?
I cant figure it out…

You are right. The Upgrade button will upgrade the user’s pricing plan. However, as the application is your’s, he/she will see the Upgrade button. We will fix this issue.
Thank you for the feedback.