Problem with formating time using


I found a strange behavior and I don’t know what to do with this. I’m using make to create a record in Tabidoo table. The table has “Date” field in it, but without time. Make tells me that the date format should have zero time or it will give me an error. I want to put actual date in the new record, but there is something strange.

There is a variable in called “now”. It gives actual date and time. To zero the time I need to format this date properly. So I’m using formatDate() functions to get the proper result. But when Tabidoo gets it it’s one day before with time 02:00. I think it may be something with time zones there, but I’m not quite sure what it may be.

Here are screenshots of the behavior:

Look at the “Data wystawienia” in the input - it’s ok, but the date in the output is wrong? What might be the problem?


I found that this behavior is present at every point in tabidoo date field. That’s a huge problem, because I need to add one day manually in my automations to get the proper date everytime. I have a form, where people puts their birthday date and it passes that date to tabidoo by make. But the result date in tabidoo is one day before.

That should be resolved as fast as possible. I made a ticket in, but they said that it’s something on your side. Please check it.


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Hi, I have the same kind of problem, and the automation records records with a date relative to the previous day. It is a problem that the Team needs to check about because it messes up the automation and related statistics. Support needs to be called in.


sorry for the late reaction to this topic. It is obvious that it has caused problems to many of you.

The current state of things, though, is actually correct or let’s say logical. The MAKE function FormatDate changes the given date(time) into a string. However, when MAKE sends the date to Tabidoo, it then changes this string back to date as it is defined that Tabidoo expects date format, not a string.
As MAKE does not work with date but datetime, it adds the time 00:00:00. Tabidoo expects the time to be the UTC midnight, but MAKE takes the this string as local dateTime and changes the time to the UTC time, then ‘cuts off’ the time and that causes the shift back in the date.

It can be solved very easily, when you add Z behind the FormatDate function. This way, you say that the date is already in the UTC and MAKE does not change it any more.

Hope this solves the problems for you!

Thanks! It’s working perfectly!

I found another issue with time inside Tabidoo.

I have Date & Time field in table. I have default value set to “new Date()”. When I create new record the time of the default date is one hour later than the actual time on my computer. Look at theese screenshots:

What’s wrong with that?


we are aware of the problem and we are working on a remedy, since you are now in an area where the time is changed to standard time so one hour has been removed, you will now replace it with the following script, but for the next version (over the next one) we would expose it

With Regards, Filip Tabidoo