Public access to a table?

Is is possible to share data (table or app) with someone who hasn’t a Tabidoo account?
Example: share a table through an URL for public (readonly) access, so users don’t need te create an account?

Hi, unfortunately, this is not possible at this time. We offer “public access” only for forms - sharing the form via a public URL (even for unregistered users).


Using Forms is only for input, adding rows to the table. I would like the table (read-only) visible to certain clients without having them to create an account. I think embedding it on a website isn’t possible either.
So please see this question as a feature request…


I will put it into requests. I think it sounds good.
However, even now you can do it if you know some basic scripting/Html/bearer tokens.

  1. Create a role with only read-only access to the table.
  2. Generate shared API token for this application/role
  3. Check our API documentation on apiari/
    Get table is pretty easy :slight_smile:
  4. Create a table from the json data on your page. There are many tutorials on the web. (e. g. []

Just be careful with the token. When you put it outside, anybody can use it. Never use tokens with write rights.



I will look into that, thanks!