Public form data - link to ID (hide others)

Hi all,

Is there a way to “pre-fill” or “customize” one field of public form before sending?


  • I have table with Clients (email is unique ID).
  • Then every month I want to collect info from them into “Feedback-table”.
    [Client 1] - [N Feedback-table] (linked through email)

Now if I show the email field in public form of Feedback-table,
they can choose, their email from the select, put the info inside, and send it… it will add the information from the form into Feedback-table, and link it correctly to Client table.

- BUT : I really don’t want them to see emails of other people (from the selector of linked Client table).
So how can I collect and link the info to correct record, without exposing other records from the linked table?
Or in other words: How can I use “personalized” public form to insert data into specific record?



Hi Tomas,

it is possible to customize the public form using parameters in the url and workflow automation.

For the email, I would leave it hidden on the public form and use setValue method. And using the workflow, I would send an email with a link to a customized public form with pre-populated data.

For example: doo.model.myCustomer.setValue(doo.environment.queryParam?.email)


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