Related table fields

Hi michal cumpelik, i have this problem to automate a zapier trigger.

I have to send to zapier, the values of a field connected by a relation of 2 different schemes.

Scheme (A) Customer directory >> name / surname

Scheme (B) Travel booking >> travel date> object >> (name / surname from customer’s address book)

I enclose the fields to be sent to zapier

tabidoo scheme

field display in zapier

Hi Carmine.
For technical reasons, Tabidoo sends the item’s internal name to Zapier as an identifier.
For better clarity, I recommend naming internal names.
Use names without spaces or accents.



hi i used the ute indication.

I’ll send you the problem.
the tabidoo field, only sends a url, not the internal value

It is not possible to display the value of the lookup in Zapier at this time.
We will try to add this value to Zapier.

thank you, it’s good news, I’m waiting for an update.