Reports dropdown values and row wrapping

Hi there,

I have dropdown with few values which values are in two languages. Is there a way to print both of them?

Also I would like to solve this:
There are showing

tags in linked rows. How can I hide them?

I’ve noticed I can change input field from “Long text” to “Text” - but problem is I need to wrap rows in linked table. So it’s not solution in this case.


Hey Thomas,

So are you saying that the app is multilingual, or do you have multiple options that are in multiple languages in the drop-down list, but the app is monolingual?

Try inserting long text into a message in this way :

With kind regards,

App is multilingual. Is there any way how to solve this problem?

Hi Thomas,
I am afraid it is not possible to print language variations form the table definition. However, you can use report formulas and variables to change, what is printed. But it would be kinda hardcoded then of course.