Reports - parametrized by currency


is there some way, how to distinguish which currency value, should be printed on report?

We have contractors from Czech (using CZK), Slovak (using EUR), and we are creating same reports but for 2 different currencies/values.
Do we have to create 2 similar reports, one filled with CZK and one with EUR? (… and for each other currency, we have to duplicate it too?).
Or is there some other, better way of doing it, than having:

  • Report template (CZK)
  • Report template (EUR)
  • Report template (N…)


Hello Tomas,

you have to create a field Currency with a drop-down list (CZK, USD, EUR,…) and in the reports in relation to this field you will create a condition which currency to enter.

More information about the reports can be found HERE. More information about the condition HERE.

With kind regards,