Reports - print pictures from record into report page

how can one print pictures from record row onto report page?

I have servicing records, containing pictures of “before” and “after”, which in table, are of type “Picture” (upload of multiple pictures allowed).
And I would like to put these into report for customer with summary of work, where those picture are printed.

Is it even possible?
If yes, how can I do that?


Hello Tomas,

I’m sending you a link on how to do it:

I hope that’s exactly what you meant.

With kind regards,

Thank you for such quick response :slight_smile:
Based on your video I can now insert image into report.
But the tricky part is: How to insert all of them? (The Foto field has “multiple allowed”).
Is that possible somehow?

Hello, Thomas,

I used databand and didn’t choose the url of the image, but the url of the file. I hope this makes sense to you.

Have a beautiful day.

With kind regards,