Reports - printing only first record

Hi, could you please give me advice on why only first row is printed from data sources?

One table “Zakazky”, has records from 2 other tables linked into it.
(Zakazky) 1 : N (Prace)
(Zakazky) 1 : N (Material)

When putting the data source into print template, there is
Zakazky_Material na zakazce**_rows**…

which usually prints all records.
But this time, only first one is printed (see screenshot with _Result)

So question is:

What should I do in order to print all rows related by ID zakazky,
from both linked tables, into the report?

Hello Thomas,

could you please send me an email at It’s will be better if we have a video call and I’ll explain you how to work with the reports (how to use the databand).

Let me know.

Thank you
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Hi Soňa.
in the end we figured it out.

We had wrong dataSource on the tables.

After fixing it, it started working as expected.

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Hello Thomas,

That’s good to hear! :slight_smile: It would be difficult to explain it using only screenshots.

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here is a quick answer for any other users interested in this question.

  • select Data Band
  • select the Data source for Data Band
  • create only one row per DataBand and select the name of the field you want to load (this will
    automatically create as many rows as you have linked to the table)

Thank you for reading :slight_smile:

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