Row wrapping of table filed


I woud like to apply row wrapping in table field and also change default naming - Ridic jmeno a prijmeni List.
Is it possible?
Thank you.

Hello Monika,

Thank you for your first post :slight_smile:

The row wrapping for the field type “long text”, can be set up in the table settings → Advanced features → Grid settings.

The naming - “Ridic jmeno a prijmeni List” is the name of the linked field. It can be only changed by changing the name of the linked field.

I wish you a nice day!


Hello Michaela,

thank you for help.
Is it possible to delete the expression -Ridic jmeno a prijmeni List” from field name or just the part List/Count… depending on type?

Thank you.

Dear Monika,

Unfortunately it can not be deleted now. We will however, consider the implementation for the future.

Thank you for your understanding.