Save and Next in Edit Form

Hi, we use the Edit Form (doubleclick on record) a lot. With the next and previous arrows on the top right of the form you can navigate through the record.

When you change something in the record, and click the next arrow, there is a warning to save my work. After clicking save I return to the grid view of my table, but I would like to resume working in the Edit Form view. This works a lot faster than returning to grid, doubleclick again on a record and continue editing.

So is it possible to save changes in Edit Form view and continue to the next record without exiting the Edit Form view?

Forgot the screenshot :slight_smile:

Hello PJ,

Thank you for your interesting question, we will consider these features in the future. Currently there is another option and that is to use the EDIT button below the table to edit all records in the table without saving each record separately.

Thank you

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thank you for your reply.
The EDIT function isn’t sufficient when using multiple Text and Long Text fields. The great benefit of the Edit form is having a good overview of all data, including the (long) text fields. When browsing through an issue list you can read all text, update fields and want to save and continue to the next record.

I hope you put this on your roadmap, it would help a lot!

Thanks !

Hello PJ,

We’ll consider it for the future.

Have a beautiful day.

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