Saving possible even if required field is empty

Hi there,
I found a bug. Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create table A and table B.
  2. Link those two tables together with options many to one and set the linked field as “required” (let’s assume that this linked field will be visible only in table A)
  3. In table A you should see a “table” inside form with possiblity to add some records to table B. Leave this table empty.
  4. Try to save the record for the first time. The red sign says that the field is “required”.
  5. Try to save the record for the second time. No alerts, record is saved!

Step 5 shouldn’t be possible if there are no records in the linked table. Could you fix that please?

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Hello Marcin,

Thank you for letting us know about the issue, we tried to induce the same situation and no error was detected. Could you please contact us at

Thank you

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I wrote to support.

I recorded a video to show that required function is not working properly:

Hello Marcin,
The link one to many is a little different case then others types. It is difficult for us to verify the validity, as you can delete the record from the other side. The link is created before you save the form. You can delete a row and then press Cancel. There is no way to prevent it.
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Ok, I understand. I found a workaround for this. I created a hidden field which is filled when there are any records linked. When there are no records linked the field stays empty, but it’s required so the form won’t save. That works for me, maybe it’ll work for someone else.