Saving with button without closing a form

Hi there, is there any way to save new record with button field without closing a form?

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would it be possible to write us a use case?

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I’d like to create a model of system where employees change status just by clicking on button.

Lets say I have a table Projects where is field Status. When somebody creating new project it has automatically status New… for this status I want to show just some specific fields. When form is fully finished I wanna hit the button “Continue to offer” where are another specific fields.

The problem is I do not want to make a way back in this process. Now imagine the situation that employee change his mind, because he won’t know some details to fill all fields in status Offer and he hits the close button.

So I would like to save the record when they hit the button “Continue to offer”.

The reason of this “button system” is that my employees working especially with tablets and I wanna make it easy for them. Just to make it clear: Now, they have to change status, choose next employee, and write down what they did at live chat. I would like to do these actions just by hitting on button.


Hi, Thomas - I guess, you can always use JS (triggered by Button/OnChange…) and work with records as it is described here:

Would it work for you?

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