Sending a copy of the e-mail to the address according to the value in the record

Hello, please advise.
I need to set the recipient of a copy of an email in the workflow based on the value in the field type Table Binding.

I have a Recipient table that contains the name and email of the requester. In another table I have a form that contains the Recipient entry and is of type Table Binding (to the Recipient table).

Can I enter the following in the Copy (CC) field in the workflow:

I’ve tried that, but I only get an email to the “hardcoded” email address in the To field.


Hi Milan,

try a similar entry to mine. Add value?.href then it should work properly.

With Regards,

Hello Philip, the item in which the email is entered is from a different table. When I select the item in WF, this is what I get:


So how do I refer to the binding table for the email entry?

Hello Philip, I have tried again via a new entry in the spreadsheet that I am filling in by email from the binding table, but still nothing comes to my email.

Předem díky za radu.