Sending email with own header

We would appreciate send an email through workflow automation with own header (logo etc.). It’s really important feature for us. Do you consider this feature?

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Hello, Thomas,

the option to use your own logo and custom e-mail is only possible with the Tabidoo branding, which is hosted on your own domain. If you are interested, please contact us at

With kind regards,

We are already using Tabidoo branding, but system is not hosted on our domain. Anyway I think this is really important feature for lots of users… Although Tabidoo give us a possibility to send email through workflow automation, we cannot use this feature because it would have an adverse effect on our brand in front of our clients.

So this feature is unfortunately unusable for us right now.

Souhlasím s Thomas, pro komunikace se zákazníky naprosto podstatné. Stojí za úvahu upravit.