Show in sub-table grid

I have a Timesheet table joined to the Employees and Projects tables, with the option “Show fields in linked table”.
How can I get the Project column to be hidden for all users in the Project form in the Timesheet sub-table and the Employee column to be hidden in the Employee form in the Timesheet sub-table.
I guess that should be standard behavior?

Hello Jano,

apologies for the late response.
It is a little unclear from your description what you are trying to achieve. Would you please include some printscreens indicating what you would like to hide where? If you don’t feel like sharing the printscreen here, you can always send it to our support team ( so we can look at it in more detail.

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Hope this picture helps

Thank you, from the picture it is clear what you would like too see.
Unfortunately it is not currently possible. The visibility of a certain field/column is set at the level of the linked table (in your case the table Timesheets). And as this table is linked to two different tables, the settings is always applied to both of the tables. So if you set that you want to Show field Employee in sub-table grid, it will be displayed in the Timesheet sub-table both in tables Employees and Projects. You cannot selectively displayed it in only one linked table.

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