Strange unpredicted error while searching records by API


I’m using to connect with Tabidoo API. I made a scenario which is using “Search records” function built-in It was working perfectly fine for last 15 days. Today I got an error. It goes like this:

[400] Sort item '' for loading table 'Uczestnicy 2' (grid/widget/report/API) in app 'Fundacja PROMUZA' (app owner: [e-mail]) is not valid. Table item '' was not found in the table (table item internal name in advanced item settings). Please change the data load sort and try it again.

I don’t understand that - I’ve tried many times to perform a search and it still gives me this error.

Please help ASAP.

Yesterday I got the same kind of error, never happened, it needs to be verified by Tabidoo Team. I think it may be necessary to check the changes made in the last updates. Let’s wait for their response @micu

It would appear that the Team has promptly fixed the problem by releasing modification promptly today. Go back into Make and reactivate the Trigger which will have been automatically deactivated due to continued errors. Try running a manual RUN of the Trigger and everything should work. Let me know.

Yeah, it’s working now properly - thanks!

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Very good, I’m glad you got it sorted out!