Tabidoo - integromat notifications

We are using Tabidoo with

The 2 instant modules available are “watch new record” and “watch edit record”

The only downside of “watch edit record” is that it is activating for any modfication and it creates hundred notification per day in integromat.

I would like to know if there is a possibility to limit this, and for example create in tabidoo custom notifications only when status is modified.
Then I would need in integromat the webhook module to receive the notification and still have the instant trigger (I need to have instant trigger)

Thanks for any help


Hi Adrien,
you can set a condition directly in Tabidoo. For each Integromat’s “Watch” module, a “webhook” notification record is registered in the Tabidoo. You can find it in the “Notifications” table in your application. The notification form contains a field Data Condition of sending - you can set the condition in the (javascript) editor.




I ll make a try!



I made following change but it does not work.

Is there something wrong?

Thanks in advance

Hi @jdemnahouby,
If you want to assign the value to the Status field, try putting CANCELED like this “CANCELED”, I believe you assign it. If I have not misunderstood.

doo.model <[Status (status)]>.value = “CANCELED”


Hi @tanyjazz

I tried what you proposed and unfortunately it did not work, I need to make more tests with ’ instead of "

I ll keep you informed.

best Regards


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OK @jdemnahouby , in the meantime I also do some tests to verify its functioning, because changing the state or value of a field, or verifying a set condition, is an interesting and powerful feature. We update.


Hi @jdemnahouby,
I have carried out various tests, and in the meantime the correct syntax is correctly entering 'and not ". By inserting the java code in advanced setting, I saw that the modification of a field in relation to a condition inserted before saving the field works perfectly. instead in the notifications, I believe it is attributed to the fact that that java instruction as in the example you entered, is activated only with the “data from row” option and not with the “Add / Change / Remove Rove” option. but I will be able to give you certainty as soon as @micu has the opportunity to answer you


Thank you for these explanations I will test that during the WE and give u feedback.
Really thank you for quick answer



I made different trials and nothing works, the notification works when I don t put any condition but when I write a condition, it is not activated, don t know why :frowning:

I made trial on TEXT fields as on DROPDOWN fields and I can t make it work, BUT on numeric fields, expression like doo.model..value > 10 works only when the number is > to 10.

So I m a bit blocked…

Hi @jdemnahouby,

a condition expression has to return boolean true/false. I can see that you have used in your expression only one equal sign “=” (it means “assignment” in javascript language). If you want to correctly compare two values, you use three equal signs “===”.

You can read more here.

Example of correct expression: doo.model.<[OK (solution)]>.value === ‘OK’

Have a nice evening,

It works!

and I confirm, it works only with ’
with " it does not work.

Many Thanks Jan!

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