To Hide field from a public form

I need to hide fields from a form to be published with the public link. It’s possible? and how?
Many Thanks to all

Hi Paolo, thank you for your message.

It is definitely possible and very easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Open the “table fields” settings
  2. Open the field you want to be hidden in the public form
  3. Under the field types you can find the "advanced features"
  4. In the advanced features select the option “hide on public form”.

For more information, open our documentation: Advanced features in table fields

Great! Many Thanks :wink:

I need to let public operator to write also on a sub-mask (a linked table) of the form published. Is it possible?

If not, I could hide some fields for a user or a entire role, but how? And in this case I have to hide also the records already in the table to let him add only one more record.

Dear Paolo,

Thank you for your message. So far, it is unfortunately not possible. However, our developers will think further about the implementation. Anyway, what is possible now is to publish the form under the role of the certain user. Open the public form settings and in the advanced features you can choose the account due to right privileges. Afterwards, the person who will open the link of the public form will be able to enter value to the fields which he will have access to.

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Thanks, but this dont work for me. No changes for all user

Hi Paolo,

I will try to explain in more detail together with the Role settings.
If you want to hide certain fields for the entire role, follow these steps:

  1. In the settings of the selected role, in the “Application permissions” section click on “Yes” at “Hide denied fields”
  2. In the “Table permissions” section select the field you want to hide and click on “Deny”.

Afterwards, if you want to hide those fields in the public form for the certain role. Follow the steps I sent you earlier. You simply select the user for the rights privileges (with the role with hidden denied fields) and the people with the access to this public form will not be able to see the fields.

Was that helpful a bit more? Please me know :slight_smile: