Using existing values without setting "Show in record description"


I have some issues with setting link between two schemas.

I have schema Projects where I want to create estimate to evidence total price of project. So I linked schema projects to another schema called Items where I adding items and calculate some profits and so on.

It works.

Problem is in schema “Project” - in fields Share (this field I need 7 times) I have some value which I need to use in schema “Items” - it works only if I set this field to Show in record description, which cause really ugly header.

Hi Thomas,
I don’t have an answer on your question, sorry…
But I see your screenshot and was wondering how you managed to get the files so nicely aligned in columns and rows. Can you share that with me?

Hi @PJ2,
You have to enter fields settings => advanced user => development level => custom column style => Col-sm. Here you can set the field considering the max display of 12px, so if you want to display three fields side by side you have to set all 3 to the value 4. See you soon.