Using the parameters


I am trying to use the parameters following the instructions Application parameters | Tabidoo Help

However, I am displaying only [object Object] instead of the string value. How can I get the string value of the field?

Dear Martti,

Thank you for your message. May I ask which data type of the field are you trying to display? We will be glad to help you once you provide us with this information.

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Trying to display a text field

Dear Martti,

Unfortunately, we were not able to identify the problem. The javascript is displaying the string value on our devices. May I ask if you have changed this text data type from another type in the past?

Otherwise, do you think it would be possible to share the app with us in order to see where is the problem? It will help us a lot if you invite me to your app with the following email: Thanks!

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I tested this again just now and it seems to be working. Not sure what was the issue before. I will let you know if I run into the same problem again.

Glad to hear that, Martti! Definitely let us know if you come across the problem again :slight_smile: